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Watch Spencer from Lakewood, OR Comments

Spencer removed a hard drive from his RAID array and now he's having issues. Leo says some of the data needed from the reboot was on the missing hard drive. Can he just repartition the RAID? Leo says that the safest thing to do is copy off the data and then reinstall Windows. Then restore. That should copy the master boot record and get it all back to normal. 

Watch Joey from San Diego, CA Comments

Joey wants to know about Amazon's AWS and S3 storage. He can't figure it out. Leo says that there are several levels of S3 storage, including Glacier. And S3 is used by DropBox and others as their back end. It's a bit techy, but it's designed for home use. Fast to backup, but very slow to download and restore. It's like cold storage. It's become the biggest part of Amazon's business, with over a third of cloud services run by AWS.

Amazon also offers cloud computing, with such services as Macintosh in the Cloud, and others.

Watch Elizabeth from Rancho Mirage, CA Comments

Elizabeth wants to be able to listen to music from room to room that can plug into her laptop. Leo likes Ultimate Ears UE Speakers. Leo likes the UE MegaBoom.

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Watch Kim from Temecula, CA Comments

Kim changed her AOL password last month, but now AOL won't accept the new password. What can she do? Leo says that Verizon owns AOL right now, but they really don't care about them. Gmail is a much better option. But Leo says that email is so important, it really pays to actually pay for the service. Leo recommends FastMail.It's around $20 a year.

But for Kim, it's likely just a matter of starting over and changing the password again using the Verizon Email AOL password change feature here. Go to and try and log in first. She can also configure a third-party app to log into your AOL account. Here's how.

Kim also has been having issues streaming Amazon Prime Videos with her Firestick. Leo says it may need an update or is so out of date, that it doesn't work with how Amazon streams now. Luckily, the Firesticks are pretty cheap. Lonndog in the chatroom suggests resetting a FireStick first though. It could give it a fresh start.

Watch Alex from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Alex is streaming Facebook live from his phone using the Apple Camera Kit, but he's now having audio issues. Leo says that it sounds like Facebook has changed something in the streaming, that causes the issue. It may also be that the specs to Alex's camera connection kit are no longer supported by Facebook live. Or, it could even be a change by Apple in iOS. But more likely, Facebook has changed something and Apple simply needs to catch up with an update. 

Leo also recommends changing the audio bitrate to 48khz, instead of 44.1 first. See if that fixes the audio issues. Facebook requires 48 kHz. It's broadcast standard. 

Watch Chuck from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Chuck wants to know if he can connect a USB drive to his router. Leo says the router has to support it. It's not really "plug and play." And if it does support it, it may be pretty slow. But it can be accessed from any computer on the network, so it's kinda like a cheap NAS. If the router is open-source compatible, then Leo recommends going with DD-WRT or Tomato for the firmware. They have NAS features that could be most helpful.

Leo says he can build his own NAS with an old PC and use an open-source NAS software called FreeNAS. It's pretty good. But Leo prefers using Synology NAS systems. He can get them as big as he wants. They are a bit pricey, but the Synology NAS software is top-notch.  

Another option is a cloud-based solution called NextCloud.

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Watch Vino from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Vino wants to know why people use a VPN. Leo says that a VPN is a virtual private network. It burrows an encrypted tube from a user's computer to the destination. It's very good for Privacy and Security. Especially when on public WiFi. VPNs can also mask physical location, so people don't know where users are. Great if a user wants to watch TV in another country like Great Britain.

What about the incognito mode in a browser? Leo says that private browser mode doesn't mask IP address. So people can still see where the traffic is going to.

And customers want to avoid low cost or free VPNs. They are selling information and aren't very secure.

Watch Peter from Helsinki, Finland Comments

Peter wants to know if he can roll his own VPN using a NAS. Leo says he can create a VPN using any computer. It just needs a VPN server. OpenVPN is one such. WireGuard is the best choice. It's part of Linux already. But if he's thinking of doing it to work, make sure he has permission to do so.

Watch Helen from California Comments

Helen uses Quicken to manage her expenses, but now she can't log in. It just crashes. Leo says that older versions of Quicken have been left by the wayside and it may be time to upgrade. 

But if she needs more than simple receipt tracking, Leo suggests looking at QuickBooks. Leo uses the online version. It's run by Intuit, which created Quicken, but sold it. So Leo recommends going with the original QuickBooks. It starts at about $7.50 a month. And she can run it from her browser. A much better choice.

She could also reinstall Quicken. Back up data first.

Watch Chris from Lakewood, CA Comments

Chris wants to upgrade his old Samsung J7. Leo says that's a low-end version offered by his carrier usually for free or cheap. He could just contact his provider and see what the next generation version is. But the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the top-line option that's worth the money if he can afford it. The Google Pixel 4a is also a good, affordable choice.