Sam Abuelsamid and the Electric "Mustang."

Episode 1756 (21:49)

Sam Abuelsamid

The embargo is over and Sam can finally give us a review of the new Mustang Mach E. This new electric "Mustang" is very impressive, according to Sam. Many people haven't considered the Mach E a legitimate Mustang, but Sam says that it's sporty and fits the Mustang DNA, even though you're sitting a bit higher. It's not as quick as a Tesla, though it can do 0-60 in about five seconds. And much of the features seem like a Tesla, including a 15" touch screen in the center of the dashboard. Sam says it's one of the best UI's on a car touch screen he's seen to date. 

And while it doesn't have the natural rumbling V8 engine noise, Ford has created a virtual rumbling sound in "unbridled" mode. Sam says the Mustang Mach E is now his favorite electric car. 

Check out Sam's full review at TWiT's Hands-On Tech starting Monday.