How can I use a VPN with my Ubiquity router?

Episode 1756 (1:58:57)

Bernie from Lakewood, CO
ExpressVPN (Sponsor of the TWiT network)

Bernie wants to use ExpressVPN (a sponsor of the TWiT network) using his Ubuity router. How can he put it on and keep it working for his main network and his guest network? Leo says that there is a recommended list of routers that you can use with ExpressVPN; sadly, Ubiquity isn't one of them. But some of the privacy features a VPN does are available from your Ubiquity router. Your DNS lookup, for instance, can be secured using your browser via DNS over HTTPS via DOH. It's deep into the settings. You can also use another DNS server that can block them. Leo likes NextDNS. Cloud Flare's