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Episode 1755 (2:05:55)


If you're a gadget freak, chances are you have a drawer, a box, or crates full of AC adapters. Then trying to use the right one can be a challenge. That's where the ProTech Trader 30w Universal Power Supply Reversible Polarity 3v-12 Volt DC 30 watt 2.5 amp with USB Port & 8 Adapter Tips comes in handy. A multi-volt 30 Watts (30w 2.5 amp) replacement switching power adapter supply compatible with 1000s of small electronic devices using requiring 3 volts, 4.5 volts, 5 volts, 6 volts, 9 volts, or 12 volts up to 2.5a or 30 watts. It can work with many Electronics, Tablets, Routers, Smart Phones, Speakers, etc.

Please NOTE USB Port Limit is 1.0amps Includes 8 Interchangeable DC Tips/Plugs of the most popular sizes. Please make sure your device is one of these size jacks on it for proper fit and the standard center-positive polarity. This new upgraded model comes with a USB port built inREVERSE Polarity DC Tip. See it in operation on this week's show. Under $18 as of 12/17/20

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