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Episode 1755 December 19, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Michael from Anaheim, CA Comments

Michael wants to know if it's harmful to keep a PC on all the time. Leo says it doesn't hurt the computer at all. In fact, it's probably better for the PC to leave it on since turning on the computer is the most stressful part of the process. But it does use electricity, even in "sleep" mode. But there's no need to worry about leaving the PC on. 

Watch Andrew from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Andrew wants to know how different Spectrum mobile is from Verizon. Leo says that Spectrum Mobile uses WiFi calling when users are home, but when users are out and about, Spectrum is just an MVNO that uses Verizon's network. The tricky part is a handoff from WiFi to the cellular network. But other than that, if one can save money on it, then why not? The only real negative is that some people may not have internet access with their routers. So, a phone could join a network and not be able to take or make calls because it's on a dead connection.

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Watch Jeff from Michigan Comments

Jeff wants to know what's the best affordable Network Attached Storage (NAS). Leo says the cheapest is to take an old computer and run NAS software on it. But that requires a lot of work to maintain. Leo uses a Synology multi-bay NAS with several spinning drives in a RAID configuration. And Synology lets users mix and match, so they can mix several larger and smaller drives. Should he use SSD drives instead? Leo says no. That would cost more than it's worth. 

Watch Leo from Upland, California Comments

Leo needs to fix some technology in his home. Leo says that unless he is anxious to become a geek, it's wise not to be too ambitious to overbuy. He doesn't need a serious desktop, for instance, if a Chromebook will do just as well. And when that tech goes awry, he could go to the Geek Squad or another group like that, but any technician worth their salt isn't working at a Best Buy. 

Watch Dan from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Dan is a gamer and has been having issues with Windows 10. He is having issues with the computer taking longer and longer to start up. Leo says that ironically, having a "fast start" will slow boot-up times down when he has an SSD. With Fast Start enabled, it uses a hibernation file and it causes issues with solid-state drives. So it's best to disable fast start. Windows key, then type power options. Once in the Power Options Control Panel, he can choose "change settings that are currently unavailable," and then turn off fast start. That should fix it.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Jerry from Hatfield, PA Comments

Jerry is annoyed with cable because they are charging him rent on a modem that he bought. Leo says that a recent telecommunications bill make that illegal. Check out the Television Viewer Protection Act (TVPA) of 2019, which went into effect this month. It also outlaws hidden fees, which can amount to up to $450 a year.

Watch Dale from Palmdale, CA Comments

Dale has an idea for software and would like to hire a programmer. Leo says that's how Facebook was created, and the risk is, that he could get ripped off by an ambitious programmer who decides to do it himself. So he should make sure he has an ironclad contract to protect his IP. There's also the risk that he could spend a lot of money and the programmer just doesn't deliver. In the end, a brilliant idea isn't what makes money. It's the implementation. The safest way to do it is to learn to do it himself.

UpWork is a source for hiring programmers though. 

Watch Al from Columbia, SC Comments

Al has a 2015 Macbook and he's running out of space, so he can't install Big Sur. Leo says that Al should get an external drive to copy off his data to free up space. Maybe even make a bootable copy of the hard drive and then start from scratch with Big Sur after erasing the drive. Then restoring the data. So get a terabyte external drive and try that. Time Machine is also a good option with that external drive. That's Apple's own way.

But is Big Sur worth it? Not for an older Mac. So if he's up to Catalina, that's good enough for that 2015 Mac.

Watch Frederick from Orange County, CA Comments

Frederick wants to create a central location to house all the photos and videos for everyone in the family. Leo says if he wants to be responsible for it all, then Apple Photos can handle it. But everyone may want to keep their own accounts. Google Photos has similar features to Apple Photos, but it's cloud-based. And he can share unlimited free storage up until June 1st. Then each person can upload to a family album from their own account. Then everyone can upload and see the album. It's a great way to do it without having the burden just on the creator.

The other option is a Synology NAS set up with their Photos app (called "Moments") and everyone can upload to it, but it's on the creator's local network. 

Frederick also wants to upgrade his WiFi. He's looking at the Orbi Mesh Router. Leo says he's been very happy with the Netgear Orbi. It's very fast. But there's also Eero, which focuses on network management. It's also very simple to plug in and even hardwire the Synology into it.