How can I get rid of latency in video conferencing?

Episode 1754 (1:03:44)

Craig from Santa Clarita, CA
Video Latency Example

Craig is an animator and is working at home during the Covid lockdown. They're doing meetings over Zoom and Google meet. But he can't run a video conference and draw digitally at the same time on his Macbook Pro. The lag is terrible. The lag even occurs when he's hard-wired into the router. Chris Marquardt suggests giving OBS Ninja a try. It's very low latency. Check out

But the fact is that Craig is doing two processor-heavy apps at the same time. Leo recommends not only closing all other apps but reboot your computer before you start Zoom. The amount of bandwidth you have may also impact the latency. If you have only 5 up, for instance, you're only getting half that for uploading. So getting more bandwidth would definitely help. 

A new cable will also help. Cables can go bad, and an older cable can cause more latency and jitter than newer ones.