What's a Good Desktop Computer for Photos & Backup?

Episode 1753 (1:08:30)

Brent from Riverside, CA
5K iMac

Brent has photographs in a whole bunch of different locations online and on his computer and wants to get them all together into a central location. He wants to get a desktop computer that can really help him to organize and back it up. Leo says that a good Windows computer is Dell. But really, desktop computers are a commodity. So it almost doesn't really matter what kind of computer to get. Leo would recommend Mac over Windows though, and a new  5K iMac is a good solution for this. Then buy Apple's iCloud storage for the backup. Or Dell and Microsoft One Drive. And the 27" ultra-sharp Dell monitor is a great addition.

Leo would also recommend maybe some network-attached storage like Synology as a local backup. It'll also be automated and can back up to the cloud.

Leo would also recommend picking up the Google Nest Hub, he can upload all photos until June 1st for free and then enjoy them using the Nest Hub, and share with everyone in the family.