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Episode 1753 December 12, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Jeff from Cederville, OH Comments

Jeff has an online radio network that he runs on a series of Mac Minis. But he found a bug in the audio that's causing a whine. Leo says that it's likely from the digital-analog converter (DAC) chip that has failed. He recommends getting a USB DAC, rather than just paying to repair it. The quality audio will be better.  But if he has Apple Care Plus, Apple will just replace the logic board. 

Jeff says the issue has happened in two of the three Minis he has. Leo says that will likely lead to a recall. But it may also be an electrical issue. Something may be impacting the Mini's electrically. Power conditioning may be the issue. 

Leo recommends an app called Bit Perfect ... it's an audio driver that can replace the audio. It's only $10, but it bypasses the Apple software and goes directly to the DAC. If it works, then it's a software issue, not a hardware issue.

Watch Ron from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Ron has an old Drake HAM Receiver that he'd like to repair. Or should he buy a new one? Leo says that there are a lot of radios out there for listening to HAMs. Many of them are software-defined. He can get a single sideband receiver for around $20. Eton makes some really good ones. So it's going to be more affordable to just replace it. And it really doesn't matter what brand. C-Crane is a little more expensive, but they make really good stuff.

Watch Greg from Pasadena, CA Comments

Greg is looking to get a 65" TV with decent sound. Suggestions? He'll be getting a soundbar later. Scott Wilkinson says that Sony makes the best OLED TVs with decent speakers. The design is actually the screen itself, with drivers behind them. But that's going to cost well over $1500. Better to get a soundbar for $100. That way it doesn't really matter what TV he buys. 

Speakers on TVs are really an afterthought these days. The best choice is to pay a little less for the TV and then add the Soundbar now. Scott recommends Vizio or TCL. The TCL M Series is in Greg's price range. 

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Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

George has been having problems with his iPad and Quicktime. He's supposed to have a download bandwidth of 256MB per sec, but it will then buffer and stop. It doesn't recover. He gets a message that says his speed is poor. But it doesn't happen on his iPhone. Just his iPad.

Leo says that points to an issue with the iPad, which George says is about 6 years old. Leo says a newer iPad will handle that better, obviously. So it sounds like George's iPad is the issue here. The iPad Air 4 is a very affordable alternative. But George needs a larger screen, so that means the iPad Pro is his best bet. 12.9". But it'll cost about $1,000 and there's an update that should be coming in the Spring. So if he can wait until then, he should do it.  Add the magic keyboard and he has a great laptop.

A cheaper option is the new iPad Air. It's thinner, lighter, faster, and a larger screen. And it'll cost a little less than the iPad Pro.

Watch Brent from Riverside, CA Comments

Brent has photographs in a whole bunch of different locations online and on his computer and wants to get them all together into a central location. He wants to get a desktop computer that can really help him to organize and back it up. Leo says that a good Windows computer is Dell. But really, desktop computers are a commodity. So it almost doesn't really matter what kind of computer to get. Leo would recommend Mac over Windows though, and a new  5K iMac is a good solution for this. Then buy Apple's iCloud storage for the backup. Or Dell and Microsoft One Drive. And the 27" ultra-sharp Dell monitor is a great addition.

Leo would also recommend maybe some network-attached storage like Synology as a local backup. It'll also be automated and can back up to the cloud.

Leo would also recommend picking up the Google Nest Hub, he can upload all photos until June 1st for free and then enjoy them using the Nest Hub, and share with everyone in the family.

Watch Don from Dana Point, California Comments

Don is having issues with his Microsoft authenticator app on his Samsung phone. Leo suspects an update didn't complete. So he says to remove the authenticator app and clear the cache. Start from scratch. Reinstall it all. Then he will get back in and use the fingerprint reader for authentication. That's the easier method. 

But get rid of every trace of it first.

Dashlane or LastPass? Leo says to use the one you like. There's also 1Password. Bit Lane. Leo has been using LastPass for a decade. But either LastPass or DashLane works fine.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Jerry from Riverside, CA Comments

Jerry recently upgraded his Android Phone. But he's having issues streaming audio using the XiaaLive app. His favorites lists have also got stations missing. Leo says that apps could check streams periodically to see if they are still active. If it isn't, it's not strange to simply remove them. Internet radio stations come and go. So it's likely XiaaLive pruned the list when it got back a negative stream notification. It could also be the place the data is stored is in the original phone itself and it didn't completely transfer when he moved to the new phone. 

Watch Anthony from West Hills, CA Comments

Anthony is looking to get a 75" TV. OLED or QLED? Samsung or Sony? Leo says that there are projectors, but they're not really 4K and are a bit dimmer. So that leaves LED LCD and OLED TVs. OLED offers bolder colors and deeper blacks. But they are best in dark rooms. LCD LEDs are ideal in bright ambient rooms. They are also more affordable. Leo recommends the LG OLED. They are incredible.  But LG, Sony, Samsung all make great LCDs. Even Vizio and TCL make great TVs for the money. But the 77" LG OLED CX is the best on the market right now. 

What about burn-in? Leo says that burn-in isn't an issue anymore. Technologies have advanced to where it is no longer an issue.

Watch Jack from Huntington Beach, California Comments

Jack bought a Macbook for school for his daughter, but it came with the terrible butterfly keyboard. Now she won't use it. Should he trust that Apple has fixed that problem? Leo says Apple has finally admitted the keyboard is a bad design and will fix it, even out of warranty. But they'll also take them as a trade-in for a new computer. Leo recommends getting the Macbook M1 MacBook Air. They are super fast and come with a completely redesigned keyboard. No more butterflies.