What's the Difference Between Cloning and Cloud Backup?

Episode 1752 (44:20)

Larry from San Francisco, CA

Larry just built a new gaming computer. Now he wants to restore a backup so he doesn't have to install all his programs that are on his old computer. His options are to either clone or restore from a backup. What's the difference? Leo says that a cloned drive is an image of the hard drive which can then be blasted back onto a drive. But that's not a good option for cloud backup. Good for a local backup on an external drive. Microsoft stores cloning in the legacy backup settings.

Other imaging options include:



Drive Snapshot

Terabyte Image for Windows

But he's saving everything on that hard drive.  He won't want to store an image in the cloud because it'll take a long time to upload and then download for restoring. That's why he'll want to restore data from the cloud. Image for the programs, restore data from the cloud.