What is a Good Option For Broadband in a Rural Area?

Episode 1752 (1:04:00)

Stacy from Greenville, MI

Stacy lives in rural Michigan and she has really slow internet. Leo says that broadband companies don't want to install high-speed internet into rural areas because there aren't enough customers to justify the cost. Will satellite be a good alternative? Leo says that thanks to Elon Musk's Starlink network it will be. But it's $99 a month and costs $600 in equipment. And the more satellites they put up, the faster it will get. They've only put up 10% of the satellites they want to so far.

Another option is LTE and 5G if she's close to a tower. 

She also experienced a tornado in her back yard, but she didn't get a notification on it. Leo says to look under Government Alerts in iOS settings and she will see emergency alerts and public safety alerts at the bottom of the notifications settings. If they're on, it may be that the wireless connectivity is an issue and as such, she is not getting them. It's also possible that Verizon is using WiFi calling and as such, she didn't get the cellular notice.

But it is voluntary. But Verizon and other major carriers should be. But it's not geographically precise, so the wireless company may not have been aware. Check out more information here - https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/wireless-emergency-alerts-wea