Sam Abuelsamid ... Charged up

Episode 1752

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo to talk about charging an electric vehicle at home. Leo says that what stops people from buying an EV is the concern at charging at home. Sam says that the Mustang Mach E will charge at 150kw, the Tesla 250kw, Porche Ticon 300 kw. Leo says the length of time it takes is also an issue. You can fill up your tank in less than 5 minutes. But at 150kw charger takes 40 minutes. Sam says that Hyundai's Ionic5 line will support 350kw charging, which will add 60 miles of charge in 5 minutes.

Leo also said that Tesla's supercharger network has 900 locations with 8000 charger points. There's also Electrify America and others. Having chargers everywhere is going to be necessary. But having your own charger at home is not only the most convenient, it means you can leave the house every day on a full charge. It's also a lot cheaper than buying electrical charges at a charging network. But the challenge is when you live in an apartment. Many EVs now come with free charging for the first three years or around 250 hours of charging. 

Sam also points out that EV owners will have to have accounts with multiple charging companies if they want to be able to get a charge anywhere. That means multiple dongles. But there's a new concept that has the authorization and payment info located in the car. All you need to do is plug and play since the car does all the work.