What's a good TV for gaming?

Episode 1751 (1:19:18)

Parker from Pasadena, CA
Cyberpunk 2077

Parker is a gamer and is looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077. He recently bought the Nvidia RTX 380 video card for his PC. He's got it connected to his TV, but it's causing a problem with the resolution. Leo says Parker is going to need a 4K TV that can handle a higher refresh rate. Leo says that LCDs are notoriously low. So an OLED may be the way to go. Latency is also an issue, but OLEDs handle that as well as the best LCDs. OLEDs are around 14ms, and some are GSync compatible. So look for that.  Check out DisplayLag.com and RTings.com. Also, look for gaming mode as an option with the TV as well.