The Giz Wiz and the Light Up LED Beanie

Episode 1751 (1:57:26)

Dick DeBartolo

DIckie D joins Leo to talk about the new and improved LED Beanie. It's not only a warm Winter beanie hat but also a hands-free LED flashlight to light your way at night. The company says it can light the distance up to 30 feet away. The built-in 4 SMD LED light provides 120 Lumens and up to 4 hours of continuous use or 68 hours of intermittent use. There are three brightness settings. The first push is fully bright, then medium, then low light. Remove the light to charge it from any USB port, car charger, or portable power bank. Available in many colors, and it's usually under $14. There are many companies selling what looks like the same LED beanie on Amazon, so you can check those too. 

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