Why Can't I Use a 2nd Monitor On My Computer?

Episode 1750 (1:52:33)

Leslie from Otawa, Illinois

Leslie can't connect a second monitor to her computer while working at home. Work won't let her due to security issues and the BeyondTrust software that runs on her laptop. Leslie says it's an issue because she can't have a second monitor at home either. Leo says that a physical connection shouldn't block it. That doesn't make any sense. Leo says that in the Display Control Panel, there are two options ... mirrored or extended. Leo says to make sure the panel is set to extended mode. There's also a display tab in the BeyondTrust software. If it's disabled, that may be why. 

One way around this could be a very large, single-screen monitor. That would give her additional real estate, but it would mean anything on that monitor would be seen by the security software.