Why Can't I Check Email in Windows?

Episode 1750 (1:17:44)

Kirk from Phoenix, AZ

Kurt has a three-year-old Dell XPS laptop that he calls a "marvelous" computer. But he's been having trouble lately after a recent update and Microsoft Outlook. He waited to update to make sure that the updates were OK. 2004, for instance, was a nasty update. 20H2 has been a good one, but Kurt had to update 2004 before updating. But now he's getting send/receive errors requiring reinserting passwords for AOL, even though LastPass does it. Leo says that there are two servers he uses for checking email ... inbound and outbound. SMTP servers (outbound) will require a different port. Leo says that the issue is SMTP and AOL. It probably has to do with AOL changing settings, or the ISP changing settings. It's all designed to stop SPAM but is more like playing whack a mole. AOL likely changed those settings and Kurt will need to contact to get them. But make sure the ISP hasn't changed port settings.