How Can I Restore My Old Photo Backups in iPhoto?

Episode 1750 (46:01)

Doug from West Hollywood, CA

Doug is a singing voice teacher who recently upgraded his Macbook Air with the new Apple M1 design. Leo says that Doug is the ideal candidate for the M1. But what Doug is experiencing is issues with his backups being restored. What Leo recommends is to use the old computer to upload all photos and videos to iCloud. Use the most recent version. The way the old iPhoto used to store them is in a big blob. Go to the Pictures folder and R/C on the library. Select "open contents." There he will see the original photos folder. Copy that over.

What about iTunes music? Leo says that using iTunes Match will not only backup music but replace it with 256kb AAC. It's $25 a year, but once he uses it, he can cancel it since the library will be backed up to the cloud. But they are all grayed out. The chatroom says that if the sample rate is below 96kb, they will need to be converted in order to upload them. 

Use SuperDuper to back up the hard drive on that old Mac is also a very good idea. But he can also use RSync in the command line that will clone the drive and move the data to a backup hard drive.