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Watch Jim from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jim is having problems with his new laptop and a microphone that doesn't work. Leo says to run the Lenovo Vantage software to see what it says about the microphone. It may just be an issue that a driver update can fix. Also, check Windows privacy settings. He may have turned off the mic. Windows Key -> Privacy. Check to see if the mic is turned off. But if those don't work, Jim's laptop is still under warranty. He can also check under the BIOS settings to see if the mic is shut off. F4 (or Fn->F4) may also turn it off.

Watch Joe from Knoxville, TN Comments

Joe got a vintage world war II 16mm movie camera for Christmas and managed to get in contact with the original owner's family. They sent him the accompanying movie projector along with many other artifacts of the owner's experience in WWII. He's been looking for the double perforated film that it uses, and after months of searching, he found the film for it. 

Joe is having issues with his microphone mixer app after a Windows update. Leo says that an update of the third-party soundcard driver should be able to restore access to it. Thanks, Microsoft!

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Watch Doug from West Hollywood, CA Comments

Doug is a singing voice teacher who recently upgraded his Macbook Air with the new Apple M1 design. Leo says that Doug is the ideal candidate for the M1. But what Doug is experiencing is issues with his backups being restored. What Leo recommends is to use the old computer to upload all photos and videos to iCloud. Use the most recent version. The way the old iPhoto used to store them is in a big blob. Go to the Pictures folder and R/C on the library. Select "open contents." There he will see the original photos folder. Copy that over.

What about iTunes music? Leo says that using iTunes Match will not only backup music but replace it with 256kb AAC. It's $25 a year, but once he uses it, he can cancel it since the library will be backed up to the cloud. But they are all grayed out. The chatroom says that if the sample rate is below 96kb, they will need to be converted in order to upload them. 

Use SuperDuper to back up the hard drive on that old Mac is also a very good idea. But he can also use RSync in the command line that will clone the drive and move the data to a backup hard drive. 

Watch Jeff from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jeff doesn't understand the obsession with privacy and how skittish people are with technology and its privacy issues. Leo says that the real issue is how far-reaching technology is in violating privacy and the potential hazard of being misidentified. The question is, how far down the rabbit hole will it lead us?

Watch Kirk from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Kurt has a three-year-old Dell XPS laptop that he calls a "marvelous" computer. But he's been having trouble lately after a recent update and Microsoft Outlook. He waited to update to make sure that the updates were OK. 2004, for instance, was a nasty update. 20H2 has been a good one, but Kurt had to update 2004 before updating. But now he's getting send/receive errors requiring reinserting passwords for AOL, even though LastPass does it. Leo says that there are two servers he uses for checking email ... inbound and outbound. SMTP servers (outbound) will require a different port. Leo says that the issue is SMTP and AOL. It probably has to do with AOL changing settings, or the ISP changing settings. It's all designed to stop SPAM but is more like playing whack a mole. AOL likely changed those settings and Kurt will need to contact to get them. But make sure the ISP hasn't changed port settings.


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Watch George from Los Angeles, CA Comments

George has an old HP laptop running Windows 7. He recently ran a restore, and it didn't work. He's tried several times. Now, when he loads Windows, the admin account comes up as "locked." Leo says to try restoring using Windows 7 natively, not the HP software. In fact, get the Windows Media Creation Tool and upgrade to Windows 10. Then install it over Windows 7. This should authenticate and fix whatever is wrong. He can then redownload the drivers specific to the laptop model.

Watch Harold from West Covina, CA Comments

Harold recently bought a Samsung A01 budget Android phone. He had issues with text messaging. He discovered that Google was using the internet to send texts, not SMS, and that's why it wasn't working right. So he went back to the Android text messaging app. 

Watch Leslie from Otawa, Illinois Comments

Leslie can't connect a second monitor to her computer while working at home. Work won't let her due to security issues and the BeyondTrust software that runs on her laptop. Leslie says it's an issue because she can't have a second monitor at home either. Leo says that a physical connection shouldn't block it. That doesn't make any sense. Leo says that in the Display Control Panel, there are two options ... mirrored or extended. Leo says to make sure the panel is set to extended mode. There's also a display tab in the BeyondTrust software. If it's disabled, that may be why. 

One way around this could be a very large, single-screen monitor. That would give her additional real estate, but it would mean anything on that monitor would be seen by the security software.