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Watch Gary from Dana Point, CA Comments

Gary saw a laptop from the Home Shopping Network, with a DVD drive. Leo says that the fact that it has a DVD drive proves it's a few years old. Also, Gary says it's an i3 processor, and that's pretty underpowered for most of what you do today. Leo doesn't recommend buying from a home shopping channel. You're not going to get a good deal there. Go to and look at a comparable device. And get an i5 processor with an SSD drive. At least 16GB of RAM. If you are looking for a deal, look for a refurbished laptop from HP. And the Black Friday prices are quite aggressive. 

Also, go to and Dell. Shop around. You're not going to get a good deal on a current laptop from the home shopping channels. They are mostly moving old stock.

Watch Paul from Seaside, CA Comments

Paul recently bought an LG CX 4K TV, and it's incredible. Now he needs a good soundbar that supports Dolby Atmos. He has a high, pitched ceiling. Leo says that Atmos doesn't benefit from a high vaulted ceiling. Especially when tilted. The only way to benefit would be to hang separate speakers closer to the ceiling. A normal 5.1 or 7.1 system would be better for Paul's living room.  And you want to make sure you get a subwoofer. Leo and Scott agree that the Vizio line of soundbars is ideal for the money. Scott recommends the SB3851 or SB4251. Get the M series.

Watch Jose from Ontario, CA Comments

Jose is having problems using a VPN with his iPhone. Leo says you have to create a separate VPN profile for the phone to use. That's probably the issue. If that's not the answer, then look to see if the phone is defaulting to your wifi connection, without the VPN. 

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Watch Ed from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Mike is having issues with his Macbook Air forgetting his passwords when he's online. He constantly has to log in. Leo says that this is a common problem with macOS, especially when you have 2 Factor Authentication enabled. And if you're using a VPN, your location isn't the same, which could be prompting macOS to make you log in again. Apple is good on security, obsessed with it actually. As such, it's likely that since Mike is using a VPN, the location changes, and thus, macOS requires a new login. So try turning off your VPN and see if the issue continues. Also, log into and see if everything is OK. 

Rebooting can fix it, as well.

Watch Ralph from Orange County, CA Comments

Ralph wants to know if the new MacPro M1 laptops will still run GNU utilities and have command-line access. Leo says a lot of them won't work. Some can run under Rosetta, but others don't. So it depends on what you want to do. But Leo also says that those incompatibilities will be fewer and farther between as developers put out new versions in time. Many will also go to native apps.

Leo also says that because Apple now controls all hardware and software, the M1 system is really locked down. So chances are, you won't ever be able to get Linux or even Windows running on it unless it's in emulation. 

Watch Daisy from Alhambra, CA Comments

Daisy is having trouble with slow internet. Leo says to run SpeedTest by google and see how fast your connection is. There's also Fast, which is a connection test for NetFlix. Also, make sure you're not too far away from your router. If you're more than 100 feet away, that's going to slow things down. Also, too many walls between your router and your laptop can cause issues. 

Leo also recommends replacing your ISP provided router with a router of your own. Leo recommends Eero Mesh Routers. That will create a better connection for your wifi network. Sadly, mesh routers aren't cheap. So if you're on a budget, you can always go wired and drop WiFi altogether. Can a wifi booster help? Leo says no, they actually cut your bandwidth in half.

But Powerline Networking would work. It plugs into your power outlet and uses your electric grid to network your home. Leo recommends TPLink. You'll need two. 

Also, try putting your router/wifi access point higher up on the wall so that it's free from as many obstructions as possible. As high as you can.

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Watch Chuck from Southern Tennessee Comments

Chuck is looking for a good book on how to write with Microsoft Word. Leo says that the Writer's Guide to Microsoft Word is a good tool. 

Check out Chuck's Mercury Flight Operations Manual (SEDR 109) about how to fly the Mercury Spacecraft.

Watch Mark from Ceretios, CA Comments

Mark upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Now he needs some cheap but easy to use video editing software to edit his family home movies and digitize them. Leo says that since Windows dropped Windows Movie Maker, there isn't one available native to the OS anymore. But there are better alternatives out there. Leo recommends Adobe Premiere Elements. It's capable and under $100 - a great version with about 80% the tools of the professional Creative Cloud version.

There is, however, something built into the Windows 10 photos app that would allow you to cut out simple scenes you want to omit. Open your video file by R/C and select with open photos. Then you'll see an edit button that will let you trim scenes.

How about a good slide scanner? Leo recommends the Epson Perfection line. There's also the Kodak Scanza. But Leo also recommends using a service like Scan Cafe. They not only will scan those slides, but they'll clean them up and return them on DVD.