What Soundbar Can Replace a Dying Home Theater System?

Episode 1748 (15:26)

Gantry from Huntington Beach, CA
Pioneer FS-EB70

Gantry is looking to replace his old sound system, which recently died. He's seeing 3D soundbars, atmos soundbars, and more. What system should he get? Leo says you could buy a new center channel to replace the channel that is broken. Soundbars aren't as good as 5.1 Dolby surround systems. But if you don't want to rewire it, or get a new AV receiver, then a soundbar is a good alternative. Leo says that Vizio makes a great line of soundbars in all budgets. They are even Atmos capable with upward-firing speakers. 

Scott Wilkinson also likes the Pioneer M Series speakers if you want to continue with a home theater system. Leo says you'd be better off with Elac Speakers and a Denon AV receiver. The Elac Debut series speakers would be great.