What's the best 85" TV?

Episode 1747

Dean from California

Dean is looking for an 85" TV. Scott says that larger TVs are becoming a very common size, but an 85" TV isn't going to be cheap. The Samsung 85 Q80 is $3,000. Dean is confused, because for Black Friday, there are so many models to choose from. What's best? Scott recommends the following models:

Vizio M7 or higher

Samsung Q8 or higher

Sony M700 or higher. The 85" X900 is around $3500. Best Buy and Amazon have it for $2000. A killer deal!

Best review site for TVs is RTings.com. Which one would Scott pick? Scott would go for the Sony X900 or the Samsung Q80.

Is it better to get it shipped by Amazon or go to the store? Scott says that shipping an 85" TV can be a hassle if you have to return it. Scott says to pay extra for Amazon's white glove service, let them deliver it and install it. That way if something goes wrong, they will fix it. No muss, no fuss.

Leo adds not to skimp on your sound system as well. You don't want to pay a few thousand for an 85" TV and rely on those paltry TV speakers. Sound is just as important, especially for a larger screen. Scott says that the Vizio HWQ60T Sound Bar is around $200 for Black Friday and would be great for that TV.