What TV should I get for gaming?

Episode 1747

Steven from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Steven recently picked up an XBox X for gaming. He wants to play Fortnight in 4K at 120hz. What's a good TV for that? Leo says the TCL 6 Series is a good choice. Scott says that the HiSense H series will also give you a lot of bang for your buck. LG uses HDMI 2.1, which will future proof your gaming experience. So that may be a better choice. The downside is, most of LG's budget LCD TVs aren't that great. Get the OLED if you can afford it. The 65" LG OLED CX is around $1900 on Amazon. Nice TV. Scott says it has an automatic low latency mode, which is very good for gaming, along with a variable refresh rate depending on the action. The chatroom is rooting for the Sony X900 65" which is around $1000 at both Costco and Best Buy. 

Steven also wants to know if he should get an external streaming box or stream with the apps on the TV. Scott says it depends on how often the apps are upgraded by the TV manufacturer. Most don't update them very often. Roku, by contrast, update them often. The Roku that can stream in 4K, Leo recommends the Roku Ultra 2020. It supports Dolbyvision, 4K, and it's currently on sale for $69. The Roku Premiere 4K is $25.

Steven also wants to know what's better ... 4k at 60hz or 1440k at 120hz. Scott says that the higher refresh rate is more important for gaming, but the variable refresh rate that is now making its way into TVs will keep your image constantly sharp.

Is refresh rate the same as motion rate? Scott says no. A motion rate is about half that of the refresh rate. So a motion rate of 120, is probably a 60hz TV.