Johnny Jet ... within weeks

Episode 1747

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about how the CDC is pleading with Americans to not travel during Thanksgiving, but no one is really listening. Travel numbers are on the rise as the holiday nears. The CDC says that you should quarantine two weeks prior before going to a family dinner. No one is going to do that. So expect the infection numbers to continue to rise during the holidays.

Zoom is taking off the 40-minute limit and offering free zoom activity on Thanksgiving. It's safer to do that, instead.

In other travel news, the 737-300 has been officially approved for travel in the US. But Johnny doesn't really trust Boeing and the FAA when it comes to the 737-300 right now. He's waiting for Canada and Europe to approve it before he flies on the 737-300.

United and Delta are waiving international change fees. Southwest never charges to change your ticket. That's good news for consumers looking to change their plans. 

The cruise industry is currently paused, with cruises under 7 days not happening until late next year. 

Jet Blue is offering free T5 Covid19 testing with results in 48 hours.

Who different companies are also announcing over 95% effective rates for their Covid vaccines. So there's light at the end of the tunnel.