Can I create sound all around the house using Amazon Echo speakers?

Episode 1747

Paul from Columbus, OH

Paul wants to be able to hook up a friend's Amazon Alexa device to his CD system, so he can create a speaker system in every house. Leo says that the Amazon FireTV Cube has an IR blaster that can command your devices from anywhere in the house. But to broadcast the signal on the Echo devices may be a challenge. If they had an audio-in jack, then that would be the easiest. Doing it digitally from your computer and streaming music would be even easier.  But to play physical media over an Echo system is a challenge. Doctor Mom is Leo's expert on all things Echo, and as far as she knows, there's no way to do this. yet. No Amazon Echo devices have a physical connection. But the Google Assistant devices do. ION makes the AirCD, which is a CD player with Bluetooth. That could work. A stand-alone Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into your CD player would likely do it, but only with one set of speakers. 

You need a bridge. Leo speculates that a raspberry pi device could maybe do it, but it's "no trivial." That's quite a project. Here's a site that shows how to do it -

It's time to convince your friends to get rid of physical media in favor of streaming services.