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Episode 1747 November 21, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Steven from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

Steven recently picked up an XBox X for gaming. He wants to play Fortnight in 4K at 120hz. What's a good TV for that? Leo says the TCL 6 Series is a good choice. Scott says that the HiSense H series will also give you a lot of bang for your buck. LG uses HDMI 2.1, which will future proof your gaming experience. So that may be a better choice. The downside is, most of LG's budget LCD TVs aren't that great. Get the OLED if you can afford it. The 65" LG OLED CX is around $1900 on Amazon. Nice TV. Scott says it has an automatic low latency mode, which is very good for gaming, along with a variable refresh rate depending on the action. The chatroom is rooting for the Sony X900 65" which is around $1000 at both Costco and Best Buy. 

Steven also wants to know if he should get an external streaming box or stream with the apps on the TV. Scott says it depends on how often the apps are upgraded by the TV manufacturer. Most don't update them very often. Roku, by contrast, update them often. The Roku that can stream in 4K, Leo recommends the Roku Ultra 2020. It supports Dolbyvision, 4K, and it's currently on sale for $69. The Roku Premiere 4K is $25.

Steven also wants to know what's better ... 4k at 60hz or 1440k at 120hz. Scott says that the higher refresh rate is more important for gaming, but the variable refresh rate that is now making its way into TVs will keep your image constantly sharp.

Is refresh rate the same as motion rate? Scott says no. A motion rate is about half that of the refresh rate. So a motion rate of 120, is probably a 60hz TV. 

Watch Dean from California Comments

Dean is looking for an 85" TV. Scott says that larger TVs are becoming a very common size, but an 85" TV isn't going to be cheap. The Samsung 85 Q80 is $3,000. Dean is confused, because for Black Friday, there are so many models to choose from. What's best? Scott recommends the following models:

Vizio M7 or higher

Samsung Q8 or higher

Sony M700 or higher. The 85" X900 is around $3500. Best Buy and Amazon have it for $2000. A killer deal!

Best review site for TVs is Which one would Scott pick? Scott would go for the Sony X900 or the Samsung Q80.

Is it better to get it shipped by Amazon or go to the store? Scott says that shipping an 85" TV can be a hassle if you have to return it. Scott says to pay extra for Amazon's white glove service, let them deliver it and install it. That way if something goes wrong, they will fix it. No muss, no fuss.

Leo adds not to skimp on your sound system as well. You don't want to pay a few thousand for an 85" TV and rely on those paltry TV speakers. Sound is just as important, especially for a larger screen. Scott says that the Vizio HWQ60T Sound Bar is around $200 for Black Friday and would be great for that TV.

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Watch Paul from Columbus, OH Comments

Paul wants to be able to hook up a friend's Amazon Alexa device to his CD system, so he can create a speaker system in every house. Leo says that the Amazon FireTV Cube has an IR blaster that can command your devices from anywhere in the house. But to broadcast the signal on the Echo devices may be a challenge. If they had an audio-in jack, then that would be the easiest. Doing it digitally from your computer and streaming music would be even easier.  But to play physical media over an Echo system is a challenge. Doctor Mom is Leo's expert on all things Echo, and as far as she knows, there's no way to do this. yet. No Amazon Echo devices have a physical connection. But the Google Assistant devices do. ION makes the AirCD, which is a CD player with Bluetooth. That could work. A stand-alone Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into your CD player would likely do it, but only with one set of speakers. 

You need a bridge. Leo speculates that a raspberry pi device could maybe do it, but it's "no trivial." That's quite a project. Here's a site that shows how to do it -

It's time to convince your friends to get rid of physical media in favor of streaming services.

Watch Ed from Clairmore, OK Comments

Ed rented a car recently and it came with Apple CarPlay. Is that secure? Leo says it is because Apple makes it really difficult to break encryption. You just want to be sure to remove your device after you're done with the car rental. Select "Forget Device." Or don't use the car's internal telematic systems. Just the CarPlay. 

There's also a setting in Apple CarPlay that says "do not copy my contacts" to the car. Make sure you enable that so your contacts won't get transferred to the car's hands-free system. 

Watch Jim from Atlanta, GA Comments

Jim recently bought a Mac Mini to do freelance video editing. He also recently got a MacBook Pro laptop from work to do editing at home. He had to roll back to Mojave after problems in Catalina. Should he update to macOS Big Sur? Leo says no. Big Sur has problems right now, and if you're using your Apple products for working, there's no rush or advantage to upgrading the OS.

Big Sur is a huge change, and is primarily written for Apple Silicon Macs. So if there's no real need, why rush?

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Alex from Covina, CA Comments

Alex has been clocking his DD4 RAM to 3200 Mhz for gaming. But his games keep crashing after about 10 minutes due to memory failure. Leo says that your RAM is either overheating or is defective. Get a temperature monitor program. See how hot they are running. Alex is also saying that at 3000 Mhz, he gets no crashing at all. That leaves Leo to wonder if the power supply is getting flakey. 

Watch Chris from Oklahoma Comments

Chris wants the fastest iPad he can get, Is the Pro better? Leo says that the new iPad Air is the fastest out there right now. Faster than the iPad Pro. But the Pro will likely come out with a new model in the Spring. So if you can wait until then, then do. If you can't, then the Air is a good move and the designs are very similar. The pro may be a better screen. But not by much.

Watch Louis from Dayton, OH Comments

Louis misses having picture-in-picture on his TV. The chatroom says that LG does picture-in-picture. You really need dual tuners for that to work. Apple TV can also do picture in picture with the app. So, it would be live streaming two streams at once. Press the home button and hold until the PIP pops up. Then you can stream to each. You can also airplay from the Verizon app with it.

Watch Debroah from Mojave, CA Comments

Deborah is thinking of buying a thumbdrive called PhotoVault. Leo says that you don't really need them. They are overpriced. It's just a thumdrive with special software. You don't need that when you can go in the Cloud with Google Photos, Amazon Prime Photos, and even iCloud.

You could also connect your Android phone directly to your computer and put it in OTG mode. Then it'll mount as a hard drive and you can simply drag and drop it over using MTP (media transfer protocol). Here's how -