Is there an alternative to Google Photos?

Episode 1746 (1:27:28)

Micah from Maine
Google Photos

Micah wants to talk about Google's decision to eliminate free unlimited storage in June of 2021. Moving forward, your storage will come out of your Google Drive allotment, which is 15GB free. After that, you will have to pay for additional storage. The good news though, is until June 2021, you can continue to upload unlimited, and it won't count against your allotment. But starting June 2021, any additional photos will be subject to the new rules. So users will have to consider whether to keep their photos there and pay for additional storage or move on to another option. Leo says that Amazon Prime is a good option, and if you're a Prime member, it's free. There's also Shutterfly. 

Micah also wants to know he can free up space on an old iPad. He thought most of that data was kept online. Leo says they are, but there's a lot of "bloating" of app data like cache data. It'll cache media, images, music, etc. to speed up the load time.