Apple announces new Macs with Home Grown ARM based Chips

Episode 1746 (03:47)

Apple's M1 Chip

This past week at their "One More Thing" event, Apple officially announced three new Macs containing their new in-house Apple Silicon processors. The new M1 processor promises high performance at low power. Apple announced three new models, two laptops and one desktop. The models include a new 13" Mac Air, new 13" Macbook Pro, and a new generation Mac Mini. But this doesn't mean that Apple has completely abandoned the Intel platform. They will be making Intel Macs for at least a year and supporting the Intel platform for "years to come." 

Leo says that while we don't have reviews just yet, the models are available for preorder and will ship this coming week. He also says that this could represent a titanic shift in the computer industry as Apple uses their own chips. 

Additionally, macOS Big Sur was launched this week and there is a dark side. Apple has made sure that users can't use the OS or apps on it unless Apple "signs" and approves it. The OS will be phoning home, letting Apple know what program you use when you use it. Much like ChromeOS, Apple must sign and approve each move. Leo says, however, that users can turn that phone home feature off, but that may make your computer more vulnerable.