What Mics Do I Need for Podcasting and Voiceovers?

Episode 1745 (15:33)

Vidac from Montenegro
Heil PR40

Vidac wants to build a podcast/voiceover studio in his den. Does Yamaha make good soundboards for around $500? Leo says Yamaha makes good gear. It's probably overkill, but a good choice. Vidac is also using Shure SM58s. Leo says that they are great mics, and practically indestructible. A great, economic choice at about $150. But he'll also need some form of a digital interface in order to get the mixed feed into the computer. Vidac also uses a Shure SM7B. Leo says that is a condenser mic that requires phantom power. But the board should provide that. Cloudlifter is a preamp that will help on the SM7B because it needs a lot of gain.

The SM58s will be fine for podcasting, but for voiceover, he needs more gain. Leo recommends the Heil PR40. A large coil dynamic mic.