Johnny Jet ... Keeping Hope Alive

Episode 1745 (1:26:30)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about a cruise line that went out and now all 53 passengers are stuck in quarantine after 6 people tested positive. Johnny says that countries are getting really strict about quarantining passengers. Some even won't allow leaving of your hotel room for 14 days. Johnny Jet says that Hawaii probably won't be able to handle a 72-hour quarantine with the recent spike in infections. 

The irony is, cruise sales are up for next year. But a lot of cruise lines are getting rid of their older ships, sending them to be cut up in Turkey.

Johnny also wrote an article on whether it's ethical to travel this holiday. The shortlist is ... you really can't. AAA also says that travel is 10% down for driving during the holidays, 47% air travel down. So it looks like it'll be a Zoom Thanksgiving for now.. 

If you decide to travel this holiday, Johnny recommends downloading the MyTSA app. You can also tweet questions to ASKTSA and they will respond within 5-10 minutes during office hours.

The good news is, that a vaccine is on the horizon with being over 90% effective.