Apple Announces Silicon Macs, but Big Sur has Privacy Concerns

Episode 1745 (06:00)


Apple announced their M1 based Apple Silicon Mac laptops this week, including the 13" Mac Air, 13" Mac Pro, and the Mac Mini. Leo says it's the first generation, and that's causing many to wait. Leo also says that RAM is limited to 16GB because it has been wired into the logic board. Called Unified Memory Architecture, it's known to be faster. So maybe we don't need as much RAM moving forward as we think.

macOS Big Sur also was launched this week. And many macs ground down to a near halt. Why? Because in macOS Big Sur, the computer phones home every time one launches a new application. Apple says it's a security measure. But Leo says the information isn't encrypted, and as such, anyone along the way can see the traffic. Also, the certification servers can slow things down drastically. The phone home feature will "fail gracefully," and will let one continue with work, so one workaround is to unplug from the internet. Or block the outgoing traffic.

What does Apple do with this telemetry? No one knows.