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Episode 1745 November 14, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Vidac from Montenegro Comments

Vidac wants to build a podcast/voiceover studio in his den. Does Yamaha make good soundboards for around $500? Leo says Yamaha makes good gear. It's probably overkill, but a good choice. Vidac is also using Shure SM58s. Leo says that they are great mics, and practically indestructible. A great, economic choice at about $150. But he'll also need some form of a digital interface in order to get the mixed feed into the computer. Vidac also uses a Shure SM7B. Leo says that is a condenser mic that requires phantom power. But the board should provide that. Cloudlifter is a preamp that will help on the SM7B because it needs a lot of gain.

The SM58s will be fine for podcasting, but for voiceover, he needs more gain. Leo recommends the Heil PR40. A large coil dynamic mic.

Watch Scott from Santa Rosa, CA Comments

Scott is looking for a teleprompter. One of those that politicians use. Leo suggests going to They offer complete kits or just using software that he can install on a laptop, to convert an external USB monitor into the teleprompter. Also, the Padcaster Parrot is a good option.

There are plenty of free teleprompter apps out there, and he can even use an old mobile phone as a TP as well. Check out

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Watch Marilyn from Riverside, CA Comments

Marilyn's TV suddenly stopped working. Is it worth repairing or should she just buy a new one? Leo says that these days, LCD TVs are simply not worth repairing. Even if it's a simple fix, the cost of repairing it with parts, she can buy one that is larger and 4K. Then there's the fact that the TV repairman is a lost art nowadays. So get a new one. Best Buy has a HiSense 70" 4K HDR TV on sale right now for $400

Watch Mary from Van Nuys, CA Comments

Mary's laptop technician put in an ad blocker with her browser, and now she's being bothered to turn it off every time she visits Yahoo. Leo says a lot of websites now are seeking to get her to stop using the blocker in order to get paid by ads. So they want her to unblock them in order to see their ads. Chances are, that the browser has an extension. There should be a way to "white list" the yahoo page so that popup will stop occurring.

But since Mary is using Windows 8, she's got even more problems. She'd be better off with a Chromebook. A Windows laptop is far more complicated than most people need.


Watch Gary from Covina, CA Comments

John partitioned his hard drive and he's noticed that his C drive has less room than his D drive. Leo says that is likely because Windows and other apps are filling up that C drive. John could move the data to his D drive and that would free up space. He could repartition or undo the partition. Depending on how the D drive is laid out, he can hit Windows + X and open the disk management tool. Click on the C partition and expand it. If that doesn't work, EaseUS has a disk partitioner. But the safest way is just to get an external hard drive, move data onto it, and then reformat the computer hard drive, reinstalling Windows and the apps to a full-size C drive.


Watch Charlie from Toms River, NJ Comments

Charlie wants to know if he can make a bootable backup of his hard drive with macOS Big Sur using Carbon Copy Cloner. Leo says he can, but it's not all that easy. Apple has changed the way it does things ... again. It's more secure, sure. But only Apple can sign it. And that means he can't do it anymore without making a clone of the hard drive, installing macOS Big Sur to it, and let Apple sign it. BTW that's how ChromeOS works.

Here's how ...

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Virginia from Utica, NY Comments

Virginia wants to get a password manager to replace her spreadsheet of passwords. Managers are good if she lets them create the passwords for her. A long, random password is very secure. Leo recommends LastPass. There's also 1Password. Bit Warden

With LastPass, she can even import her spreadsheet of passwords. Here's how -

But remember, she has to remember the master password that unlocks the vault holding the passwords. 

Watch Alex from Covina, CA Comments

Alex recently built a new PC with an AMD 8 core processor. But he can't connect a Bluetooth PS4 controller to it. It can detect his cell phone, but not his controller. Leo says that if he can pair it to other devices, then he should try reconnecting it to the PS4 and see if there's an update to the controller. If there is, update it. Then try again!

Watch Jim from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Jim's Facebook account was suspended and they won't reverse it. He's now been banned. What can he do? Leo says not much. He's living on their platform and they make the rules. So if he violates their terms, they can lock him out with no recourse. But Jim says it's a mistake. Sadly though, there's nothing he can do about it. He could sneak back on. Leo says to try creating a new account and verified. What's the worst that can happen?