Where can I get an Android phone with a removable battery?

Episode 1744 (1:36:00)

Michael from Encino, CA

Michael has a Samsung Galaxy S4 and is looking to upgrade. He wants a phone that isn't made in China and doesn't have a lot of junk on it. Leo says that not being made in China is the challenge, although Samsung's phones are made in South Korea. There are many good mid-range phones at the $500 level. Google's Pixel 4a is an excellent, "clean" phone with no extra stuff. But it is made in China. But at $349, you can't beat the price. 

Is there one that comes with a removable battery and a headphone jack? Leo says that narrows the options considerably. The Motorola Moto e6 has a removable battery, but it doesn't have a headphone jack in favor of a type C connector. But they are made in China. So Mike will have to figure out what requirements are more important.

Check out GSMArena.com for more options. You'll be able to select the features you want and it will narrow down the choices.

LonDawg in the chatroom recommends the LG V5987. It's a four-year-old phone, but you may be able to find it.