Sam Abuelsamid ... Winterized

Episode 1744 (21:26)

Sam Abuelsamid

Today, Sam joins Leo to talk about the coming snowfall as we head into the winter months. And that means preparing your car for the winter. Some things you can do: 

1) Replace your windshield wipers. There are Winter wipers that are designed to work best in cold weather, staying pliable when they are cold.
2) Keep your wiper fluid topped off. Buy some extra fluid and keep it in the garage.
3) Check your lights to make sure they are working, replace any bulbs that are burned out.
4) Replace your tires with winter tires if you live in an area that will require them. Or if using all-season tires, make sure there's plenty of tread left. If the tread doesn't block some of Lincoln's head on a penny, you need a new set of tires.
5) Have some emergency supplies in your car in case you get snowed in.

Do Electric cars handle winter well? Sam says not as good as gas-powered cars. Gas cars generate waste heat that can heat up the car faster. EVs, have to generate its own separate heat from the battery and that will affect range. 30-40% less once temperate gets below freezing.