Why Can't I Log Into Google Voice?

Episode 1743 (55:33)

Bob from San Diego, CA

Bob is having trouble with Google Voice. It won't let him log in. It just "beach balls." Leo says to try clearing out the cache of the browser. Or try a different browser. See if he can log in from a different browser. That's the easiest solution. Download Firefox. Bob can't do that. His computer is too old. Leo says that there comes a point where a computer can be so old that other applications can't support it. 

From the chatroom - Firefox has a version for old computers. It's called Firefox ESR. He can download it here.

He also needs to make sure the date and time are correct on the Mac. If the clock is wrong because the battery backup has died, that could affect the browser certificates that won't allow him to log in or load. Leo suspects it could be a certificate issue since Google now requires encryption certificates for all sites.

He can also reset Chrome. That'll clear out the cache and cookies.