Is it safe to use NFC chips with my products?

Episode 1742 (15:05)

Eric from Bloomington, IN
NFC Chip

Eric figured out yesterday's question about adding a second Amazon Echo location to your Amazon account. He did it by adding it to his account at HIS location, and then brought it over to his mom's house by adding her phone number. So set all the Echo's up first and then bring them to mom.

Eric wants to add NFC chips to products at a store and then link to what they can do online. Is that safe? Leo says it's perfectly safe and Walmart even uses NFC on pallets in their inventory. Doing it with every product can be expensive. But it's definitely coming. But what you can do now is use a QR code. That's the way to go. It's very affordable (you can do it as a sticker) and it does the same thing.