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Episode 1742 November 1, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Eric from Bloomington, IN Comments

Eric figured out yesterday's question about adding a second Amazon Echo location to your Amazon account. He did it by adding it to his account at HIS location, and then brought it over to his mom's house by adding her phone number. So set all the Echo's up first and then bring them to mom.

Eric wants to add NFC chips to products at a store and then link to what they can do online. Is that safe? Leo says it's perfectly safe and Walmart even uses NFC on pallets in their inventory. Doing it with every product can be expensive. But it's definitely coming. But what you can do now is use a QR code. That's the way to go. It's very affordable (you can do it as a sticker) and it does the same thing.

Watch Matthew from Glendora, CA Comments

Matt wants to know about doing incremental backups on his backup hard drives. He wants to be able to sync his current hard drive to the backup automatically. Leo says that Windows Backup will do that. And you can do it by plugging in the drive, running the backup, and then unplugging it for storage. 

Other options - EaseUS ToDo Backup. Acronis. Centered Systems Second Copy. They even have free trials. Second Copy would be ideal for what Matt needs.


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Watch Steve from Fullerton, CA Comments

Steve is stuck in "printer hell," with his Canon printer running out of ink. He can't get a replacement cartridge because everywhere because everyone is out. And every store said it's a shortage due to CoVid19. Leo recommends trying Amazon. 

He tried a third party reload option. Didn't work. Leo said that many printer makers have put chips in a cartridge as an "anti-piracy measure," which prevents you from using a third-party ink cartridge option. It's terrible and anti-competitive. 

Frustrated, he bought a new printer. But his replacement printer cannot connect with WiFi using his Mac. Leo says that Xerox does offer a driver for Steve's Mac. Leo says to connect to WiFi from the printer. Have it search for the access point. Connect and add the password - but you have to be cautious about inputting. Once it's synced on the WiFi, then you can go into your Mac, download the latest driver, and add the printer. Make sure you use the driver for the version of macOS you have. 

Watch Dave from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Dave has a new Samsung Galaxy 20+ Android phone. He uses Message Plus with text to speech feature with Verizon. However, he can't get it to work with the new phone. Leo says that it's on Verizon to solve the issue. It's probably a setting in the app that has to be enabled. It's possible that the feature isn't enabled for just reading text messages. Dave says it has the feature, but Verizon can't figure out what's wrong. Leo adds that Verizon's support is terrible. It uses a VOIP solution outside the country and it's terribly latent. 

From ScooterX in the Chatroom - A reset may be required. "Verizon message board says: We are not finding any feature in Message+ that would read text messages out loud, so the setting would be with the phone itself. Currently we only see steps on how to enable the feature, but no option to shut it off or toggle it off. The best thing to do is to reset the Google Text-to-speech Engine app on your phone. Here is a link to show you how to reset an app on your phone, this app will be found in System apps."

Here's a link to the Verizon Knowledge base -

Scooter adds - "Once TTS is enabled under "Language and input", there is an option within the Message+ app itself to check under settings, "Read incoming messages.”

Watch Rich from West Palm Beach, FL Comments

Rich has been scanning an archive of photos from the family history. He's used scanning services, a DIY with Epson Fast Foto, Flatbed scanners. The works. But in the last six months, he's organized the photos and then imported them into Photos. But he can't search by date. The dates have been linked according to the date it's been scanned. Leo says that Photos is using the File modification date. You can't really rely on that.

There is a metadata format called EXIF that will allow you to store important data on the file. Rich needs an app that can modify that EXIF data. Leo recommends Public Space A Better Finder Attributes. It'll not only help you to modify the metadata, but it will prevent the OS from changing the date because it's in the EXIF data, and as such, part of the photo. 

It's also batch focused, so you can do tens or even hundreds of files at the same time.

Rich can also use WordStar on his modern mac. There's a project for it called WordTsar

Also a project for using WordPerfect

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Watch Rick from California Comments

Rick is calling about his Epson Workforce EW750. After 3 months, it stopped being available in Windows. Listed as "offline." He updated the drivers and re-added it, but it won't stop reading as offline. Leo says that's a call to Epson. Leo says that Epson printers will "expire." They just stop working: preprogrammed obsolescence. And since Rick bought two of them five years ago and kept one in reserve, it's unfortunate. Call Epson and see what they can do to get it back online.

Watch Mike from Rockport, New York Comments

Mike's desktop has two drives in an IBM PC and when he went to defrag one, it disappeared from Windows 7. So he can't see it. What can he do? Leo says that try rebooting and see if he can see it on boot up. If not, try using a NewerTek Universal drive adapter to see if you can see it that way. If you can't, then the drive is dead. The good news is, drives are cheap. Leo recommends putting an SSD drive for your main drive and use the good hard drive for the backup. You'll get a huge boost in speed that way.