How Can I Add 2 Echos on the Same Account?

Episode 1741 (2:02:13)

Karen from San Diego, CA

Karen's mom has an Amazon Echo, but since it's hooked up to her phone, she can't use her own Echo. Leo says the solution is to create a new account for her and then reset it. But it may be possible to use the same account for both, but she may have to reset her brand new Echo to do it.

If she removes her new Echo from her Amazon account and then re-add it, then she should have both on the account. However, the issue with Karen's mom using her phone for her Echo account is that if she calls 911 with Echo, they will go to Karen's house, not hers. That's a problem.

From Episode 1742 - Eric figured out that adding a second Amazon Echo location to an Amazon account. He did it by adding it to his account first, at HIS home, and then brought it over to his mom's house. He could even add her phone number. So set all the Echo's up first and then bring them to mom.