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Episode 1741 October 31, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Jody from LA, CA Comments

Jody has been using a MacBook Pro as his main computer and recently moved over to a MacBook Pro. But he hasn't been able to move his Firefox extensions and bookmarks over. How can he do it? Leo says that Firefox has a sync capability at the bottom of the WIndow. Set up the account and Firefox will sync from one machine to another. Easy Peasy. The other way to do it is to export bookmarks through the Bookmark Manager.

Preferences are stored in the Application Support of the User folder. One is in the home directory (which Apple hides). In the system library folder as well. Check out this technote from Mozilla -

But Sync is the easiest way to do it.

Watch Bob from Honolulu, HI Comments

Bob has been scanning old photos using an Epson FastFoto scanner. But it's slowing down his computer. Leo says a bug in the Epson scanning software could be slowing it down. Leo suggests going to the Epson website and making sure you have the latest drivers and software updates. But it could also be an issue thanks to macOS. Apple has been locking it down slowly and surely. Leo recommends going into the Security settings and make sure the Epson software has permission for full disk access. Also, Apple doesn't do well with the NTFS file format. Leo suggests backing up data and reformat the hard drive it as HFS+.

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Watch Phil from Dallas, TX Comments

Phil produces a podcast for his church and wants to streamline the process so it can be done in his absence.  Leo says that Anchor.FM has the simplest podcasting tools. It can record from a computer or phone and it'll automatically publish the podcast. Auphonic is another.

Watch Char from Cambridge, MN Comments

Char has discovered a new scam like the old Nigerian scam. Leo says that the Secret Service calls it the 419 scam. This new scam is a variation that seeks to lure one through a lost relative or old school classmate. Leo says that those records are online and they can be inserted. It's very common. So common that Americans were bilked for over $50 million last year. 

And remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it IS.

Check out the book The Confidence Game by Maria Konnikova

Watch Manny from Lincoln, NB Comments

Manny is looking to get a new MacBook Pro. Leo says we're only about a month away from the new Mac laptop announcement, so it'll pay to wait. What can he do with his old Macbook? Put Linux on it? Leo says that putting on Linux is doable, but there are always some issues with Apple Hardware. The old the machine the better, and it would pay to google the distribution he's looking at and Macbook Pro and see what issues pop up. Leo's favorite for the Mac is Manjaro.

What about checking the health of his battery? Leo recommends Coconut Battery. It'll tell the capacity and how good the battery life is. Once it gets down to below 50%, it's time to look at a new model. 

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Watch Paul from Ventura, CA Comments

Paul uses an old computer as a server and it has about 1TB of hard drive storage for a non-profit he works at. But it's starting to slow down. Leo says that Paul should let a cloud-based solution handle all the heavy lifting. Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox. And if he needs more than just data, but a server that runs programs, then Microsoft Azure is a great choice. Leo also recommends using a Dell Desktop Server, rather than an old PC or laptop.

Watch Karen from San Diego, CA Comments

Karen's mom has an Amazon Echo, but since it's hooked up to her phone, she can't use her own Echo. Leo says the solution is to create a new account for her and then reset it. But it may be possible to use the same account for both, but she may have to reset her brand new Echo to do it.

If she removes her new Echo from her Amazon account and then re-add it, then she should have both on the account. However, the issue with Karen's mom using her phone for her Echo account is that if she calls 911 with Echo, they will go to Karen's house, not hers. That's a problem.

From Episode 1742 - Eric figured out that adding a second Amazon Echo location to an Amazon account. He did it by adding it to his account first, at HIS home, and then brought it over to his mom's house. He could even add her phone number. So set all the Echo's up first and then bring them to mom.

Watch Susan from Temecula, CA Comments

Susan wants to know if it's safe to run Microsoft EDGE. Leo says yes, and Microsoft has a new version. Stop using Internet Explorer. It's not secure anymore. Run with EDGE.

Watch Eric from Vista, CA Comments

Eric is a long time listener, and he needs a better WiFi connection to reach a trailer about 200 feet away. Leo says that WiFi has a 150-foot range. But he can boost the signal. Check out for a directional antenna that can then direct the WiFi to them. That kind of antenna can expand the range by a mile.