Why is my laptop shutting off with 60% battery life?

Episode 1740 (1:23:54)

Norbert from Escondido, CA
MacBook Pro

Norbert's 2019 MacBook Pro shuts off when the battery drops below 60%. With no warning. Leo says that he may want to check the battery status. Coconut Battery is an app that will give you more information about the battery. You want to look at the number of cycles the battery has left. Also check the battery capacity. Lithium-ion batteries only take about 500 complete cycles before needing a new battery.

If it's dying at 60%, then there may be something physically wrong with the battery. It could also be the firmware is misinterpreting the battery health data. Resetting the SMC may fix that. Outside that, a trip to the Genius Bar may be in order. Leo suspects that Apple will replace the battery since Norbert has Apple Care.