What will take the place of Google Hangouts?

Episode 1740 (14:27)

Johnny from Atlanta, GA
Google Meet

Johnny is confused with what may be happening with Google Hang Outs. Leo says Hangouts worked great for everyone's text, messaging, video chat, audio chat and others. But Google has slowly been chipping away at deprecating it (removing features). Now they're going to close down in January and replace it with an app called "Meet & Chat." Leo says it'll happen automatically, and people won't really have a choice. Leo adds that Google Fi's telephone service relies on Google Hangouts for text messages, and will also be moved to Chat. How that will work is anyone's guess. Does that mean that Google Voice is next? That's a good question. Maybe Android Messenger will take over for Google Fi users? Who knows.

But people have been using alternatives like What's App, Facebook Messenger, and others for video chat and other means for communications.