How does eBay know what I buy on Amazon?

Episode 1740 (37:53)

Jerry from Hatfield, PA

Jerry has been shopping on Amazon for some tools, and recently when visiting eBay for alternative shopping, he's been getting a notification from Amazon about what he's been doing online. That's creepy. Leo says it's probably Google doing it, in spite of using a VPN. If you're still logged in, they can track you. Amazon may also be selling your search activity with eBay. It's in the terms of service that they can do that.

Leo has mixed feelings because he relies on ads, and also wants to have suggestions of the things he's interested in. But he also understands the need for privacy. Leo says that Firefox can sandbox your activity so that it can't be used. There's a plugin called UBlockOrigin that can further block your activity and prevent sites from tracking your online activity. 

You can also run restrictions on the router, use NextDNS to block trackers at the DNS level.