Why's My Internet Connection Dropping With a Mesh Router?

Episode 1739 (1:40:20)

Kent from Santa Barbara, CA

Kent needs more reliable wifi. He has a wifi router with extenders, but as he has wifi calling, often the call would just drop or buffer. So he went with an Orbi mesh router, and while he has a more consistent connection, he has an issue with the actual connection to the internet. Leo says that Netgear's Orbi is the fastest out there, but it's very simple in design. Dropouts can occur if the access point isn't connecting to the base station. So he can reboot the access point when it happens. Kent is using an ISP provided router that he has to use. So Leo recommends going into the Orbi settings and put it into bridge mode. That will let the modem handle the connection while the router passes on that connection.  He will also want to be sure the WiFi radio in the ISP router is turned off. Otherwise, he'll have a conflict. Google Cox Router and log in.  Once logged in, he can find the radio and maybe even bridge settings. If he can put the modem/router into the bridge, that would be even better.