Johnny Jet ... Staying At Home

Episode 1739 (1:16:20)

Johnny Jet

In today's travel news, the TSA passed a million travelers this week, and Johnny says that it'll happen again this week. So people are back to traveling again. But Johnny doesn't recommend it, because the virus is spiking again and he doesn't trust that people sitting next to him will be Covid free.

Airlines are now partnering with agencies and companies to provide rapid Covid19 tests, as more destinations require testing before arrival. Costco is now selling PCR Covid19 tests for $129, with results within 24-72 hours. That's pricey though. Some airports, including Oakland Airport, is offering free testing. 

In other news, American Airlines has announced that the 737 Max is returning to service after a series of crashes. But Johnny wouldn't fly on the American version because they are configured so tightly it's very uncomfortable to travel on.