How Can I Livestream a Funeral?

Episode 1739 (2:06:50)

Kyle from New Mexico
Youtube app

Kyle's dad recently passed away and due to Covid restrictions, he wants to be able to set up a virtual memorial. Leo says that a lot of funeral houses do offer that, but if they don't, he can do it himself using a smartphone. If everyone in the family is on Facebook, then using Facebook Live would be the easiest option. YouTube Live is also an option. That would be the most universal and he won't need an account to watch it. Go out and get a tripod and special phone mount that would help to keep the image steady. Then open the app and go live. It'll stream. He can then send a link to everyone, and he can even set it up ahead of time. But there may be some restrictions.

Another option is to use Zoom and broadcast it to YouTube Live. There is a 40-minute time limit unless he has a paid account though. And Zoom has a recording switch to preserve it for later viewing. Facebook and YouTube will do that as well.