What computer should I get for recording audio?

Episode 1738 (13:58)

Rosie from Denver, CO
Dell XPS 13

Rosie does voiceover and she needs a new computer to record lines and auditions. She uses the Focusrite Scarlet as a digital interface. Leo says that any computer will work with the Scarlet. Audio is relatively low in demand, compared to video editing, gaming or multi-track recording. Leo's preference is Mac over Windows. The nice thing is that it comes with all you need, including Garage Band. If you want to go up to the next level, Logic Pro is only about $150. And Audacity will work on the Mac as well as Windows.

But if you really want Windows, Dell's XPS line is fantastic. Lenovo's Thinkpad is bulletproof. And HP's Spectre is very nice. Those are great Windows choices. Leo also recommends paying extra for the gold level support. For Rosie's business, that would be important.