Why's Apple Moving Away From Intel?

Episode 1737 (1:12:30)

Dave from Los Angeles, CA

Dave wants to know why Apple is switching away from Intel. Leo says that Apple is moving on from Intel because they can't provide low power, high performing chips that Apple wants. The reason is that the development of processors by Intel has been stalled at 10nm, while Apple has gotten very good at developing ARM chips that are just as powerful for their mobile platforms (they are 5nm now).

Plus, Apple doesn't want to be reliant on a third party chip provider anymore for how their products evolve. Apple can now custom tailor their processors for how their platform develops, rather than wait for chips to progress so the platform can progress. So the bottom line is, Intel's processors are holding Apple back. Just like PowerPC did back in the day. So it's time for a change. 

Apple now controls its own destiny again. 

But fear not, Apple will be supporting the Intel platform for years to come.