What's a Good Way to Remember Passwords?

Episode 1737 (13:22)

Dan from New Jersey

Dan wants to know what password vault or manager to use for his 90-year-old father. Leo says passwords are annoying, to be sure. Everyone wants a password now, and it can be very problematic to remember a unique and random password to stay secure. So people use the same password over and over. It may not be an issue for logging into Facebook, but for your bank, it's a bad thing.

That's where a password manager comes in handy. You only have to remember the master password and let the password manager generate all the others and store them in a vault. Then, it can fill the passwords as you need them. But it can't always autofill. So he can copy and paste it as well. 

Leo says that LastPass is a good one (one of our sponsors). But there's also 1Password, and many others. He can also periodically print out a list. He can even pre-generate a list of passwords and give them a blank beside each, so they can write in when they create a new account.

But some think that a vault is a terrible idea because if he forgets the master password, then his entire life is locked out online. Some just use a notebook to write down all the passwords.