Scott Wilkinson ... Primed

Episode 1737 (28:30)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo to talk about how the iPhone Pro 12 shoots video in Dolby Vision high dynamic range. Leo says it then plays it back in all three HDR standards and can edit them as well. And it's very impressive. It can also shoot 4K at 60 frames per second. Completely cinematic. 

In other news, this week was Amazon Prime Days, and Scott saw that Amazon was pointing out better prices on TVs at other places like Best Buy. But Scott didn't really see any great TV deals and Leo thinks the deals are much better elsewhere.

Scott also says that Vizio has finally released an OLED TV, which at 55 and 65" sizes, costs $1500 and $2,000 respectively. That's a great price for OLED.

Samsung's 98" 8K TV has dropped $40,000 in price to $60,000.