New iPhones Confirmed with Apple Announcement

Episode 1737 (02:55)

iphone 12

Apple had their "Hi Speed" iPhone event Tuesday, confirming four new iPhones including the new iPhone Mini. But Leo says that they left a few things hanging including when the new Apple Silicon Macs will be announced. Leo says it's likely going to be a seperate event around the middle of November. Tuesday, all Apple talked about is the new Homepod Mini, an intelligent voice assistant/speaker running Siri. The important thing about the HPMini is the price. $99 putting it closer in line with Amazon's Alexa and the Google Home Assistant. 

Apple heard complaints by users of the previous version of Homepod that it was too expensive and too limited. Thus, the Homepod Mini came to be. Leo says it looks like a scented candle, and will support Pandora and Amazon Music (eventually). The HomePod Mini also has an intercom feature that can work from the road through your iPhone.  Users can also merge multiple pods to create a nifty stereo system.

Then came the iPhones. Four of them in total. The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the new, smaller iPhone Mini.The standard and Pro are available for preorder right now, for delivery next week. The iPhone Mini and Pro Max will be available for preorder Nov. 6th, delivery Nov. 13th. Typical next generation design, with the iPhone Pro Max getting a LIDAR sensor for augmented reality. That's about it.