Johnny Jet ... in Paradise

Episode 1737 (1:19:50)

Johnny Jet

Things continue to loosen up travel-wise. A million people will be traveling in US airports this week for the first time since March 16th. And the latest research indicates that air quality in planes is cleaner than the air in your home. The study, conducted by the Department of Defense, may be flawed because it was limited to one passenger and doesn't take into account people not wearing masks or moving around the cabin. But another study by the IATA, only 44 cases worldwide have been infected while traveling, out of over a billion travelers worldwide.

Flight attendants are also a good barometer, and Delta says that only 1% of their FAs have gotten sick.

In other news ... Hawaii is now wide open (except the Big Island) if you have had a negative test within 72 hours. If you get to the Big Island, you have to be tested again, and quarantine for 36 hours.

In other news, Barbados is offering incentives to get people to live and work there for a year thanks to telecommuting. And other tropical destinations like Aruba and Mexico picking up on it. Even Romania and Georgia are offering it. 

So if you want to live in paradise and get away from it all, and can work or study remotely, this may be the way to go.

Amazon sold a device called My Q Garage, which users can open and close their garage remotely from anywhere in the world. $16-39. You need a garage door opener that MyQ compatible.