The Giz Wiz ... Camfected

Episode 1737 (2:20:00)


Dick joins Leo to talk about a new device to combat "Camfecting." That's when a hacker takes control of your webcam with your knowledge or your permission. A webcam privacy cover can help stop that. It's basically a webcam cover slide.  It can be easily applied and removed from the device without any traces. You can get a pack of 6 Webcam Cover Sliders for around $8.99,

If you have a stand-alone webcam, you can buy easy add-on covers. Logitech makes them for their C920, C922, C922x, and C930e. It does not damage your device in any way. Actually, it just sits on top of my Logitech C920 and I can cover and uncover my webcam at any time by flipping it open or closed it. Now the description says: “Does not interfere with webcam use or indicator light.” That's true when it's open. When it's closed you will not see if the indicator light is on or off. I paid $12.99 for mine and it works fine. Check around on Amazon because there are cheaper versions for various webcams.

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Amazon: Webcam Cover, 3 Pack Webcam Privacy Shutter Protects Lens Cap Hood Cover with 3M Strong Adhesive (Logitech HD Pro webcam + C920, C930e, C922X) 3/$6.99 - I have not purchased or used these since I didn't want to use sticky stuff on my webcam, but they're the cheapest I found.) 3 under $7 as of 10/16/20. 

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